Turn Your Speakers ON

Jul 10, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson



Well that was my tribute to Michael Jackson (RIP) a.k.a Al-Marhum Mikaeel Abdullah. I really feel bad because I remembered when I used to dislike him for no particular reason. I'm really sorry dude. I never knew he was such a nice person, and he has helped the world a lot. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009).

Jul 5, 2009

Check This Out

Alright! School's gonna re-open tomorrow, or as I can say TODAY! So yeah you better get your butts up and start wearing those masks and reading those books and urinate in the school's toilet bowl or whatever you do at school. Aber ich werde nicht in die Schule kommt morgen, so yeah IN YOUR FACES! I'm pretty sure you people won't understand that cause you people don't speak german. Oh well, nevermind that.

Alright so check this out. Nisah Johari, yeah the Nisah that I always feature in my blog, well she just joined facebook like two days ago at the end of the holidays. So like a few weeks ago, we've been wanting her to join facebook but she keeps on posting up these reasons like "I can't login cause that password thingy is so cool and I want to like lick it". So then we just let her off with the boredom that she carries on her back like everyday. THEN after she joined facebook, she's loving it. She's taking almost every quiz she passes through. My Application requests are filled with hers telling me to do this and that quiz. Too bad for you Nisah, you should've joined facebook earlier so you could have more fun with it. Manchmal einfach nicht wollen, versuchen Sie die guten Dinge.

So during the oh-so-boring holidays, I've been going across YouTube and I have found some pretty awesome and funny videos. Well here are a few, yeah a FEW.

And lately I've been going crazy about GTA IV. I really want that game! I know it's so 2007 but who the hell cares? I mean it's so freaking awesome. The cars are cool, the shooting is awesome, the graphics are pretty intense (even if you play on all Low). I should've bought it that day when i bought The Sims 3 but I just didn't want to. And now what? I'm going crazy for it! And check this out, you can't go out because of the Haram1Najis1 (H1N1) Virus flying around while enjoying Brunei's clean air. How cool is that?

Jul 2, 2009

Just An Update

Blogging's getting boring. I just don't feel like updating my blog like how I used to before. Maybe it's because I'm not that kind of person who loves typing long articles or those other crap.

So let's just cut the crap. So that day I got bored and I decided to play The Sims 3. Then when I played The Sims 3 I got bored with my characters. Then when I got bored with my characters I got bored with my home. So then I tried to make a new house with awesome stuff. But then my house turned out to be an epic fail. So then I closed The Sims 3 without saving my game. But before I closed the game I took some screenshots of me playing the game. WTF THIS SOUNDS SO RETARDED.

Jun 24, 2009

Malay Street Racing

Hey, OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T POSTED SOMETHING ON MY BLOG FOR FREAKING WEEKS! I had no internet connection that's why. And because I've been spending my holidays in the Double K. So I don't wanna talk a lot of crap of how I spent my holiday cause it sucked.

So as you can see, the title above is "Malay Street Racing" and do you know why? CAUSE I WANNA TALK ABOUT MALAY STREET RACING.

Alright, I never knew malay street racing ever existed until my dad talked to me about it on the way home from the Double K. He said he used to be a malay Street Racer (Isn't that cool?) and I'm sure that explains why he always drives like 160 - 200 KM/H while going to or from KK. Sometimes it only takes us 3 hours and 50 minutes to get there. And twice, he went to KK and back in only 1 day. I'm used to it though so yeah whatever. Believe it or not? YOU BETTER. Cause this is like so freaking true. And, we always go there like once a week, like duh.

So about Malay Street Racing, I don't really know when it was started but I'm gonna talk about the rules and how it goes.

In Malay Street Racing, you are recommended to stay in the right lane. I mean like, the correct lane "supaya inda berapa ketara". And what's awesome is, there are ways to overtake people (well that's why you only race in one lane). Some of them are:
- Putung Sekali Hambat
- Putung Slice Cut
- Putung MakCik

Those are some really weird names for overtaking. My dad said that he used to drive a Mitsubishi Colt Mirage. My dad said he has suffered 1 barrel roll in it. And when my grand dad found out, he got really pissed off. And now the car's totaled after another crash. Here's how The Mitsubishi Colt Mirage looks like (in stock). Now I'm so freaking tired to type so bye bye bye bye bye bye.

Jun 11, 2009

I'm At The Double K!

I'm at the Double K! I know, LAME! Well at least it's better than nothing. Well sometimes nothing is better... wait... NO!!! NOTHING ISN'T BETTER!!!

Cause then you won't have The Sims 3, which SUCKS!

So I made this short machinima with The Sims 3 today but the video lags which sucks. Well I'll try to make another machinima next time well if I get my laptop's RAM upgraded. Cause you need more RAM to avoid the lag.

So I made this little short video around 2PM just now at my house here in the Double K. It's about this Hunter thingy. I left my hoodie back in Brunei which sucks and not only that, I left my HD Camcorder too. So back to the hoodie part, well without the hoodie I look nothing like a hunter. And now we're done with the hoodie part. So here's the video!

So I've been going through a few gaming sites and I found some new and cool games with pretty sick graphics and gameplay. The ones I liked most were (in order) Prototype, Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor. Although Left 4 Dead 2 would be out after Nov 17 so we have to wait. All three of these games includes Zombies which is awesome.

Prototype, well it's this game where you play as a person named Alex Mercer. He is one of the people who got infected by this Prototype virus which was developed in NYC. He survived a part of the virus and the virus made him stronger in many ways, he can still think properly but he lost his previous memories. The only thing that he could remember was waking up in a morgue with two people trying to cut him open. So then in the game, the main goal is to find who did that to him and make them pay. You fight against two teams, the Infected (Zombies) and the Military. Here's a short video of Prototype.

Left 4 Dead 2, it's a sequel to Left 4 Dead which was the previous version. It's also about killing Zombies. In Left 4 Dead 2, they've added lots of new features. In Left 4 Dead 2, you play in the light and not in the night which is cool. The graphics are pretty neat and now, no more Boomer bile sh*t in front of you. Well there will be Boomer bile but it won't uberly distort your screen and block your sight which can be uber annoying. You can now use weapons without using bullets like chainsaws, frying pans, axes and baseball bats. Speaking of bullets, you have special bullets in the game too. There's this Phaser round or whatever you call it, once you shoot a Zombie, it sets on fire. Here's the Trailer of Left 4 Dead 2.

And then there's Killing Floor. I sorta like this game but I also sorta dislike this game. I don;t really know why. Well, to me it looks ok. The games too scary to me. It is made by the creators of Left 4 Dead too which explains why it's kind of similar to Left 4 Dead. There's the Killing floor version of the normal infected, Tank, Boomer, Witch, Hunter and Smoker. But the smoker doesn't have a long tounge (WHY THE FECK IS TOUNGE RED-UNDERLINED!?) to pull you away from distances. It's about an experiment made in London which has gone wrong (like the three games up there). Well there's this annoying thing where the Zombies just pop out of nowhere. The game's just too scary for me to play (call me a wuss cause I maybe am one). Here's the trailer.

Alright so I guess that's it. I'm like uber bored now so I think I should go and play The Sims 3, so see ya!

Jun 8, 2009

My The Sims 3 Review

So well I just got back from Kota Kinabalu and my stay there was great. We stayed at our home there and mostly what I did was play The Sims 3.

Well at first I was gonna make a video of this review, but the editing would be a bigger pain in the butt so yeah. Well I did make the video but I cancelled the video thing.

So let's talk about the bad stuff first. Well not that much but well there are disadvantages about the game.

1. The presets, you know those things. Like when you buy things in The Sims 2, you get like presets and stuff, you only get a few of them. Even if you have the Create-A-Style Tool you can be lazy sometimes.
2. You can't create your own custom city. Like in The Sims 2, you can make a custom city from scratch and then add houses and a Downtown and a Shopping District etc. Well you don't have that in The Sims 3.
3. You don't have much furniture! and things! and doors! and windows! Well you can buy them at The Sims 3 Store but well you get me right? Most of them are designed for making classical houses and mansions, not like those modern and cool homes.

There you go! only 3 downs for The Sims 3. Now let's move on to the great stuff.

1. Graphics. The graphics are the best ever for a Simulation game. The game also looks good on my laptop! The game can be played even on slow PCs and laptops, which is great cause when you play it on a laptop, you play it everywhere. The water in The Sims 3 is AWESOME, the reflection from the sun on the water is way more than you can ever ask for.
2. Create-A-Sim. This feature has made a massive leap. You can now edit the body. Muscular or Beat, Skinny or Fat. The face tools are great, you can adjust the eyebrows, nose, mouth and more! Clothes and stuff are fine. The traits thing is also good, you can choose from a massive amount of traits and then choose a different lifetime goal which matches the trait you've chosen.
3. The Create-A-Style Tool. This tool is truly amazing. You can edit 4 parts of the object and you can also apply it onto other objects that are not the same kind. There are lots of materials to choose from.
4. The Camera. You can now tilt the camera not only up and down, but sideways too. The movement of the camera is way smooth, it almost feels like you're gliding around your town.
5. The Open World. NO MORE LOADING SCREENS! Move from one lot to another without seeing any loading screens. Follow your Sims to school, work, or any other community lot in the town.
6. Build and Buy Mode. The panel layout has changed and it is now easy to use. As I said earlier, you don't have much furniture and stuff, but you have new items and some old ones too. The cars are great and you can place a car almost anywhere in a certain lot. There's this thing where you can change the color of any light. Which means, your light doesn't only shine one color of light. You can set the light to sine any color like Blue, Red, Magenta, Orange, Green, White, Yellow and so on.

Jun 2, 2009

Random Say-Outs And Questions

I think dudes who don't hit back, are cool. And the ones hitting aren't gentlemen.

Yesterday I learned how to pee in a bottle.

The Sims are for awesome people who will be the building designers of the future.

I ate raw eggs once, and they tasted like strawberries.

Why isn't The Sims 3 out yet?


WOAH!!! I never knew that birds could fly!

I'm a murderer, cause I killed an ant.

Ruler! Ruler! Ruler! Ruler!

I think people who kill people, are people.

I prefer calm games like The Sims 3 rather than bloody shooting games like Left 4 Dead.

I killed a zombie in Left 4 Dead, and then it killed me.

If you mix Pepsi with Coca-Cola, you get either Coca-Cola or Pepsi

Have you taken your meds?

Don't read this, HAHAHA YOU READ IT!

Don't read this again, HAHAHA YOU READ IT! AGAIN!

Choki-Chokis remind me of poop.

Why is this pink? and why is this blue?

Do not read the words in blue. HAHAHAHA!!!

Check this video out!!! It's awesome.